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Holy Greetings,

God impressed upon our Founder and a group of ten faithful believers to pray, fast and conduct weekly Bible study.  Out of this prayer group, was born the Deliverance Evangelistic Church.  


This ministry has grown, by the grace of God, to exhibit the truth and reality of His Word with practical applications.  This ministry has helped thousands to be saved, delivered from destructive habits and healed by the power of the Holy Ghost.  Our services are open to all who wish to experience a new life through Jesus Christ.


Among our many outreach efforts, we have ministered to those in the Community, Prisons, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Street Services.  Our visitations to the needy, imprisoned, sick and shut-in, have been a leading thrust of our ministry. We are concerned about what is happening to the inner-city lifestyle, (the family

and individuals).  This is why we are working together, to bring about a positive spiritual change and economic community development.


Thank you for coming to worship and fellowship with us.

Please Come Again!


Address: 2001 West Lehigh Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19132
Phone: (215) 226-7600
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