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New Members Ministry




Director: Elizabeth Lawrence

Contact information: 215-226-7600


“Let us exalt His name together!” Psalm 34:3


New Members Orientation begins by completing a membership information card.  You will receive the right hand of fellowship which is always following Holy Communion the second Sunday of each month.


Attend orientation classes on Tuesdays 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM in Room  #C-216.

We have valuable information to share with You.

Six consecutive sessions titled:


  1. Bible Old & New Testament
  2. Triune God
  3. The Church – The Body of Christ
  4. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
  5. Blessed Hope for the Believer
  6. Predestination

We have four instructors to help guide you along your new experience as a member of Deliverance Evangelistic Church.

  • Sister Ozie Lawrence
  • Brother Calvin Myers
  • Brother Renaldo Fulton 

We Welcome You!

Address: 2001 West Lehigh Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19132
Phone: (215) 226-7600
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